Our Education and Prevention Coordinator regularly does a variety of presentations for all types of audiences – in schools, workplaces, group homes, drop-in centres, reserves and conferences, to name a few. You may see us out and about with our display booth at lots of events like Pride or the Carnival of Sex, handing out safe sex supplies and leaflets on sexual health. Every year we distribute around 13,000 safe sex supplies. If you are interested in having us come and speak at your event, or would like more information please email our Education and Prevention Coordinator here.


Statistics & Resources

Saskatoon Health Region HIV Special Report

Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy on HIV and AIDS

Canada HIV and AIDS Statistics

World Health Authority HIV and AIDS Statistics


 AIDS Saskatoon in the media

AIDS Saskatoon – World AIDS Day 2014 video

AIDS Saskatoon – Support Services video

AIDS Saskatoon – Education video


Downloadable resources

AIDS Saskatoon Pamphlet: ASPamphlet2015


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